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Workshop Programme



12:30-13:40 GMTKEYNOTE TALK – Prof Brett Mills – Animals and Privacy: Responses to critiques of the idea of animals’ right to privacy

5 min break


13:45- 15:15 GMT – Imagining Nonhuman and Interspecies Privacy

  • Dorota Łagodzka, Intimacy Exhibited: Artistic approaches to animal private lives
  • Susan Haris, Privacy, Poetry and Multispecies Intimacy
  • Christine Jeanneret, Animal Soundscapes and Early Modern Privacy at the Danish Court
  • Natália da Silva Perez, Peripersonal Space and Privacy

15 min break

15:30– 16:30 GMT – Animals and Data Privacy

  • Dirk van der Linden, (Informational) Privacy in the Human-Animal-Technology Triad: The case of companion animals
  • Carys Williams, Dogs, Databases and Digital Spaces
  • Delia Langstone, Nonhuman and human privacy entanglements in the surveillant assemblage

30 min break

17:00 – 18:35 GMT – State Power and Animal Privacy

  • Jessica Lauren Bray, The Optics of Mounted Patrol: Human and nonhuman encounters with race and public space
  • Zahid Bin Zamri, The Monarch and His Mini Zoo: The Case of the Pet Lover Sultan
  • Netta Laufer – 25ft
  • Jes Hooper, Kris Hill, Sarah Oxley Heaney and Michelle Szydlowski, The Ethics of Privacy in Anthrozoological Investigations



10:00- 11:30 GMT – Human-Animal Entanglement

  • Magdalena Gajewska and Magdalena Żadkowska, “Till Death Do Us Part…”: Everyday life practices of old couples with at least 20 years of experience
  • Heta Lähdesmäki, The Women and Other Animals of Seili: Mental hospital patients’ relationships with nonhuman animals and the notion of privacy
  • Clara Voutaz, Redefining Animal Intimacy Through a Proxemic Study of Interspecies Behaviour
  • Anna Potoczny, “They Seemed to Change Their Minds”: The (In)accessible other in Virginia Woolf’s ‘To the Lighthouse’

15 min break

11:45- 12:45 GMT – A Peephole into the Wild: Hunting, privacy and multispecies encounter

  • Dustin M. Neighbors, From the ‘She-Wolf’ to Wolf Wars: An Examination of wolf encounters, wolf hunting, and notions of privacy in early modern Europe
  • Karen Jones, A Conversation of Death: Privacy and performance in the ‘golden age’ of sport hunting, 1880-1920  
  • Matt Whittle, Bringing Animals back from the Dead: de-extinction initiatives and genetic privacy

12:45- 14:00 GMT – LUNCH BREAK

14:00- 15:15 GMT – Technologies of Surveillance

  • Concepción Cortés Zulueta, Animal Privacy, and the Human-Camera-Animal Technological Love Triangle: From freeze, flight or fight to picture, pet and/or play
  • Maisie Tomlinson, “As Soon as You Open the Cage They Start Pretending”: The relationship between mouse privacy and expressivity in a Qualitative Behaviour Assessment of laboratory mouse welfare
  • Katharina Braun, Under the Cloak of Privacy

15 min break

15:30- 17:00 GMT – Representations and Spectacles

  • Rosemary Chalmers, Is Japanese Macaque Photography Present-day French Orientalist Painting and What Does This Mean for the Macaques?
  • Andrea Ringer, Baby Watch: Technology, capitalism, and maternal privacy in animal spectacle industries
  • Donna Landry, Privacy, Publicity, and the Culture of Horse-Racing
  • Lars Cyril Nørgaard, The Beast and the Bees. Privacy and (un-)natural sociability in Joachim Lütkemann’s Regentenpredigt (1655)

10 min break

17:10- 18:00 GMTCONCLUDING SESSION – Prof Mette Birkedal Bruun – Animals and Privacy from the Perspective of Privacy Studies (Response and Round Table)

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